Inability to Talk About Disabilities

In a country with more than 32 million citizens that live with disabilities it’s strange that we rarely talk about their condition. How we should act around disabled people is rarely talked about, and because of this lack of discussion, we often tend to ignore disabilities because we are unsure of how to act around disabled people. In many cases, we think it’s more polite to ignore a disability rather than acknowledge it because that would be public recognition of the disability. We as humans can not help but notice disabilities, but we tend to pretend they’re not there and we feel empathy for the person simply because they have a condition that we don’t have.

Basic education about what disabilities are and general information about disabled people would most likely get rid of some of the stigma surrounding disabilities. Due to the stigma many social patterns have developed for psychological survival of the disabled. The stigma that they receive results in lowered self-esteem and they often feel dehumanized. If we talked openly about disabilities, people would feel less uncomfortable about how to act around a disabled person.

There’s nothing bad about being aware of someone’s disability, and it in most cases it would probably allow people to be able to connect better by acknowledging the disability and then moving on. If we can’t see a person differences and accept them then we will always be judging them solely by what’s on the outside.