Man’s Best Friend

Cats may have taken over the world of the internet, but dogs will always be man’s best friend. In the city of Vancouver that statement could not be more apparent. Canines have made there mark in Vancouver’s service industry. Doggie day cares, canine accessories, spas, and even bakeries are available for dog lovers around the city. Dogs are even able to cross into mainly human only communities. Treat jars and water bowls are place at the counters or at the door at banks, supermarkets, and retails stores. Although, it is most prevalent in Vancouver’s culture, anthropologists have been studying the relationships between animals and humans because it dates back to a hundred thousand years.

There is folklore from cultures all over the world that depict the relationship between humans and canine. For example, in Callimachus’s hymn to Artemis, Pan gives Artemis seven dogs to aid her with her hunt.  The sacrifices of these dogs have made them sacred in Greek mythology.

The reason why dogs are favored in societies is because, like humans, dogs have the ability to feel shame.  Claude Levi-Strauss, a French anthropologist, states that because dogs and humans are both anatomically and socially similar, that is why we do not refer to them as only human names. Fido is a good example of that. It is strange to name an animal after a good friend.

Dogs have been intertwined with humans for over centuries and they still remain in the hearts of their owners today.