Why is the librarian sexy?

Where does the image of the sexy librarian come from? Why do we have that image or stereotype? It might come from the fact that librarians contain most, if not all, the traits of a ideal feminine woman.

The perfect woman is attractive, submissive, dutiful, and respectful. The librarian has a stereotype of having all of those. She does her job, but in a quiet way, which could be taken as submissive. In the past, only males would be educated, which meant they would be the only ones using the library. Therefore, the librarian would be taking care of or working for the men in the library by providing them with their books.

One of the points in Dustin Wax’s article, Unpacking an Erotic Icon: The Sexy Librarian, is how the symbol of hair is connected to sexuality in cultures throughout the world. In some cultures, when women where their hair up they are unmarried, and when they are married they can wear their hair down. Having flowing, loose hair is connected to the idea of being sexually available. That might be why males have the fantasy of the librarian coming to them taking out the bun, letting their hair loose. Men like imagining they can change a quiet, innocent, and reserved woman (a librarian) into a crazy, sexually active woman because it makes the men feel like they are powerful and are masculine enough to do so. It makes them feel masculine because getting the girl means that they fit the criteria for the perfect man; attractive, powerful, smart, etc.

All of these aspects helped create the icon of the sexy librarian. Even though librarians may look and act different than when this first came about, the idea of it is still around today. It is found in movies, commercials, adult magazines, and more. These ideas of the perfect woman and the perfect man have not changed a great deal than when this sexy librarian icon came to be.