In todays society one of the components that seems to play a significant role in the lives of many is power. Especially when it comes to men and their so-called dominance. However, do you think of power when you think about cows? Power might not be the first word that pops into your head but after reading the article “Forget cats and dogs, cows are our best friends” it should definitely be considered.

In the article Larry Stout expresses that culturally and historically cows have played a larger role in our lives than many people actually realize. They have aided us with many things such as food, clothing, and are today the mascot of many sports teams.

It’s interesting that the cows are a symbol of status and power and have provided us with many goods. When you think about the typical gender role of a man it is to have high status, have the most power, and provide such goods his family. So, in a since cows and men could be compared to one another because they both seem to have similar roles. Cows are also seen as being one of the most useful animals on the planet and seem to be able to provide more than cats and dogs. Similar to how men are often times seen as being more useful especially in the work force than women. The article describes the role of cats and dogs as being primarily companionship and nothing more. This is also interesting because the typical gender role of women is to provide companionship for her children and husband.

After reading this article it’s engrossing to think about how our culture in the past has also valued men much more than they have valued women and how similar it is to our culture valuing cows much more than the typical cat or dog.

Reference: “Forget cats and dogs, cows are our best friends” by: Larry Stout