Medical Apps-How Long Will We Need Doctors?

Medical apps are on the rise in our smart phone and tablet oriented society, with hundreds of thousands of apps available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The most downloaded medical apps consist of exercise, diet, and weight monitors. Not only is the general public using these medical apps, but so are healthcare practitioners. These apps are now being prescribed in some circumstances to patients.

Deborah Lupton, the author of the article, states that “Apps are new digital technology tools but they are also active participants that shape human bodies and selves as part of heterogeneous networks, creating new practices.” This demonstrates how we are moving into an age where health information is more accessable to us than it was a decade ago. Not only that, but in class we talked about sports causing humans to modify their bodies, but it turns out apps might be responsible as well.

What this could mean for the future is that nutritionalists and weight councelors might find themselves without jobs. After all, if people can download and create apps for free or little money, why would people continue to leave the comfort of their homes to get check ups when their smart phones can tell them how much exercise, food, and weight they need to gain or lose? While apps are convenient, they might become a hinderance if people rely on digital advice more heavily than advice of fellow humans.