Isolation of Mankind

Antisocial to Survive

In  the article, “Alone in the city: How we create personal space in the madding crowd,” by Erin B Taylor, it discusses the way humans behave when surrounded by others in a city and how they do their best to avoid interaction despite the idea that human beings are social creatures.

Erin states that the reason humans are intent on going their own way in the city is due to sensory overload and social rules. If people were to try to focus on all the hustle and bustle of a city street, our minds wouldn’t be able to handle the huge amount of sensory input. As for social rules, it is a general idea that people want to be left alone. Erin states that “Talking with strangers increases our urban workloads, giving us more obstacles to navigate, and distracts us from what we are trying to achieve.” This rule prevents others from getting in the way of a main goal and causes people to be more aggressive or rude when their “workload” is added onto by someone who doesn’t respect or know the social rule.

This idea of being antisocial and independent is something often discussed in class. We talked about how American mothers often leave their babies to cry it out and don’t sleep with them in the same room. From the very beginning of life for many, isolation and independence become a favored trait. While this may be a good quality at times, being too self reliant can cause trouble in workplaces where teamwork is required. If we continue to keep up an antisocial facade and teach our children how to ignore others in many situations, in the future we might not be able to interact with other humans well at all. Social media will likely gain even more popularity as face to face interactions dwindle.