Hipsters Are People Too

How to be a hipster

As fashion trends go in and out of style, there are a select few who deviate from this popularity and dress in a way that seems unaffected by the world. These people are called hipsters. America has judged hipsters saying they are indifferent and are resurrected observers and symbols of decrying insincerity of culture. Although Hipsters are materialists, they most certainly do not “represent the end of Western Civilization, a culture lost in the superficiality of its past and unable to create new meaning.”

Because anthropology is based on the sympathy for human subject, it is obvious that hipsters are lacking empathy and should be viewed from an anthropological perspective. In order to encompass this perspective, one must have a genuine understanding of people unlike themselves, respect them, and most importantly, listen. Hipsters nowadays are secluded from society and thought of as their own breed, with their only recognition being “Urban Outfitters.”

Doing ethnographic research and studying the relationship and duties hipsters have in society means they should be viewed as an example of social complexity. Hipsters have a timeless style that is uninterrupted by the corruptness of today’s social expectations and advances. They have contributed the excessive use if flannels, non-prescription glasses, tight pants, Indie style music, and artisanal everything. Hipsters deserve the respect of society and not have any negative connotations associated with their title.