The Capitalist Individual


In this post I would like to challenge our idea of individualism. Try looking not through just your own eyes, but through those that seem to be promoting that concept. How do you define who you are? More often than not, who you are is defined by your personal preferences and how those preferences are perceived by others. For example, I know I am different from my roommate because his favorite color is grey, and mine is green. He likes to play bridge building games, and I like eight directional fighters. To an extent, these preferences are what our economy is based off of. Ads are more sophisticated than ever, now able to search through our internet browsing history in order to determine what kinds of things we would be more likely to buy. Are we are simply the assets that big businesses need to attain and liquidate in order to turn a profit.

In an article on the blog ‘Savage Minds’, Adam Fish examines the financial behaviors of Facebook, and how their expenditures are expected to turn our status updates and profile stalking into cold digital cash. Two of the most notable annexes that Facebook has made in the past year have been their potential acquisition of a drone company and the Oculus Rift, both of which will further the immersion and availability of Facebook, and therefore the frequency at which we see advertisements for the next big thing. Are we individuals? Or are we just being herded into the best place for all of our money to be sidled out of our pockets? For more, read the entire article at