The Corruption of Activism in Russia

As of lately, Ukraine is going through many social reforms and revolutions as the Separatists face scrutiny for seeking their interdependence in Russia. However, in March 16th, 95% of Crimean residences voters expressed desire to leave Ukraine in hopes of rejoining their once mother country. This movement includes many who protest in front of city halls and government buildings

The real question at hand, however, is whether these revolutions are legitimate or state-sponsored by the Russians. It complicates the nature of grassroot activism because it’s hard to differentiate between those who act upon their own volition or are state-sponsored.

Activists are usually viewed as those who fight to change the status-quo against government or social corruption, however, the new exploitation of this new area makes it very difficult to understand what the people actually want.

This poses a problem for anthropologists because it becomes difficult to really understand the people they are trying to study and what they really want. It’s hard to find a solution when we can’t even find the problem.