First Eurasians left Africa up to 130,000 years ago

Professor/Anthropologist Katerina Harvati from the University of Tubingen led a team of researchers to show the migratory movements of our ancestors. Scientists have proven that modern humans have spread themselves from Africa to Asia and Europe in numerous movements. Our first ancestors probably went south through the Arabian Peninsula about 130,000 years ago. Studying migration routes, genetic data, and comparisons scientists tested the possible scenarios that the first humans would have taken during their migrations.  The first migration wave out of Africa took place during the Pleistocene about 50,000 years ago. Most scientists have come to an agreement that all of the humans today are descendants from a populace in Africa about 100,000-200,000 years ago. Professor Harvati’s group challenged the competing out of Africa models from one movement to many other movements. Comparing human genetics from different parts of the world and using the many different routes that they could have taken. It is believed that some Asian populace descended from other members from a different movement about 50,000 years ago. Continued researched in the field work and research in genetics will allow a narrower discovery of human expansion out of Africa.