Are Cows Our Best Friends?

In Larry Stout’s article “Forget Cats and Dogs, Cows Are Our Best Friends“, he answers the long-standing question as to whether or not we prefer dogs or cats as our best friends, but switches species all together: cows. For around 10,000 years, cows have been with humans and have provided many things for us: food, milk, and clothing. Many cultures use cattle as a measure of their wealth and power; other cultures consider them to be sacred. Cow domestication has allowed us to ensure that cattle are with us throughout time and history.

Despite common thought, cow culture continues to exist today. In the Hindu religion, cows are considered sacred. In the Masai people in Kenya and Tanzania, cows are the primary source of income, as they are traded for other livestock or commodities. They also rely on the meat, milk, and blood of their cattle for their diet. Many mascots for sports teams are cows; cows are thought to represent status and power. It’s a combination of “practical, economic and cultural uses that make cows the most important animal to humankind.”