Modify Your Body at Own Risk




In accordance to Branwyn Poleykett, “aestimated 400,000 women around the world are living with breast implants manufactured by the now defunct company Poly Implant Prosthese (PIP) using industrial grade silicone not approved for medical use.” This phenomena has sparked debate across the United Kingdom in its morality and safety hazards it poses to women. Poleykett points out that it is not the job of the government to stop these procedures from happening because they “[have] no obligation to collect or supply accurate information about what [PIP] is doing”. This scandal allows the health care system to continue with these procedures as long as there is still a profit being made in the cosmetic surgery industry.

Poleykett also raises the moral guidelines of women knowingly paying money for this procedure without exact known safety hazards in return. “Anthropologyworks points out that establishing who is responsible for safety failures in cosmetic surgery is a difficult issue to publicly parse because cosmetic surgery lies between “acceptable” medically justifiable intervention and “unacceptable” aesthetic surgery.” These instances are significant because it portrays to the extreme lengths that women will go to to enhance their body and to become the ideal “women” in our society, even at the cost of their own health and safety. It’s sad to think that the the government feels as though it is not their job to stop people from endangering their own lives by engaging in the luxury of cosmetic surgery. It’s evident that the real reason behind this refusal is the gaurentee of a profit at the end of the day. What does this form of body modification exploit about our society as a whole? 




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  1. The fact that women will go to such lengths to change their body to the cultural norm is sad. I liked how you connected the ideas of the government’s inaction to make legal changes with in the industry because of the the profits being made is sad. Hopefully with more investigation we can come to a solution on either side to stop these unhealthy breast implants from happening in the future.

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