Is climate change gender biased?

      Climate change is causing problems worldwide in both physical and social terms. However, it is believed by Anthropologist Merrill Singer that women are more vulnerable in such crises because of inequality in the society.

       The gender biases are reflected in various aspects that both directly and indirectly influenced how women suffer from natural disasters. This is because in different societies, women’s power differs in social activities, social responsibilities and their abilities to acquire certain resources. For example, malnutrition caused by climate changes may have more disruptive results to women than men because women to carry babies during pregnancies or nurtures. It is also true that some insecurity after natural disasters like thefts or rapes take place more on females than males.


       Fortunately, Singer demonstrated that The International Union for Conservation of Nature is concerning about the issue and engaging in certain efforts to change that. I agree with the anthropologist that the gender inequality generated by climate change is not solely the problem of nature but problems about how violence and inequality is exacerbating the suffering. This may relate to what we studied in the influences of Storm Katrina: besides the sufferings of the victims due to social-economic inequalities, are there also sufferings of gender inequality? Are there any other forms of external forces that could exacerbate such inequalities? Such questions may require further concerns about the issue.