Sex or Gender

In recent years, sex and gender issues have become more prevalent in our society. I read an article about how McDonalds is no longer allowed to ask “will that be a boy or a girl toy” when someone orders a kids meal, and instead have to ask which specific type of toy. However, this and similar policies creates a problem, as people are saying two genders rather than two sexes. Anthropologist Elizabeth P. Challinor further explores the problem in her article “Sex changes and changing rooms.” She says that people are using the terms sex and gender interchangeably. She says that this creates a problem because people then place parameters on the differences between being a biological sex and characteristics of a gender. Her argument is that inequality comes out of people not paying attention to the differences. Her example is that “There are always long queues outside the “ladies” which in many places have exactly the same number of toilets as those provided for men.” She says that in the end this issue becomes larger by creating “stereotyped images of girly gossiping, lipstick smacking as essentially feminine behaviour” instead of people talking about the reasons why, which are people not taking into account or caring about the differences between males, females, or any other sex. The gender characteristics is what she thinks needs to be pushed further in order to create the equality we are looking for.