Hearing Color?

Could you ever imagine hearing a color? For some, whose sensory system appears to be configured in a particular manner, this is a quotidian occurrence. Among other individuals, Neil Harbisson was born only being able to see in the colors of black and white, as discussed in Daniel Lende’s ” The Eyeborg: Hearing Colors and Our Cyborg Future“. Daniel Lende, an professor of Anthropology at the University of Southern Florida, has conducted as  vast amount of research on both medical and neuroanthropology. Collaborating with inventor Adam Montadon, he recently inserted an “eyeborg” into his skull, which permits Harbisson to hear colors as sound. The Sound of Colors elaborates upon the specific way in which Harbisson is capable of hearing colors.

This discombobulating of sensory input is questioned to be the result of human echolocation, or that of a simply unique sensory design. Scientific research upon the matter has increased in quantity over the past few years, attempting to solve the origin of this rare occurrence.

Harbisson’s unique sensory configuration has warranted a fair amount of attention in the medical field. Reputable doctors and scientists alike are even attempting to find the problem that is causing Harbisson’s visual differences, and which will, hopefully, allow him to experience color.

Before reading this article, I was aware that there are certain individuals whose sensory systems allow for the disarranging of sensory input. However, I had thought that only one sense was affected, not all five senses. Albeit, Harbisson’s unique capacity pertains to the study of anthropology, as it lends itself to the specific manner in which he perceives the world around him.

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  1. I think this is a very interesting topic. Sound is very important and to use it to tell the difference between different colors would help people. I think this would help many different groups of people understand the world in a more complete way. People can explain color, but to experience looking at something for yourself is much better.

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