Anthropology in the Fictional World

I have always loved novels because they have cheered me up when I am down and entertained me as well. Novelists weave phenomenal stories of adventure, romance, mystery, and more into one whole story. I always feel like I am apart of the story when I am reading because they feel so life like. Reading is my favorite pastime and holding a book in my hand is relaxing as well.

Rachel Newcomb wrote an article on called Fiction and Anthropology. She is a “an associate professor of anthropology at Rollins College.” In her blog post, Newcomb writes about the connection between anthropologists and fiction writers. She also has a degree in creative writing. One thing, she writes is “… I have always been interested in the ways that anthropology and literature inform one another. In particular, what can anthropologists learn from fiction?” I think she is right because if you want to create a world and characters, you have to understand how people and culture interact. Even if all writers are not anthropologists, they know how to weave a story about people and how they live in society. I think that writing novels is a great way to understand problems and teach people about the world. Even if novels might not have a basis in theory, they do have a connection with life and the human psych. More novels are written every day and novelists are able to help people have a little more joy in their lives.