Vampires: Sexy or Scary?

It is interesting to view how much the idea of a mythical being has changed throughout history. As Katy Meyers details in her article Vampirism: Striking at the heart of fear and desire, the general vision of vampires has shifted from genuinely terrifying to the fun, glamorous undead. More specifically, vampires that used to be feared for their identities as “the spirits of loved ones come back to life due to an incomplete or improper funeral” (Meyers) are now seen as “sexy, glittery and emotional” (Meyers).

The reason for such observations has stemmed from archaeological research regarding bodies dug up that had stakes through their hearts. From an anthropological point of view, it is interesting to discuss how modern culture not only understands, but also ridicules and debunks a fear that used to be shared throughout Europe (Meyers). We lose many of the historical meanings of vampires, instead condensing all of the significance into a modern idea.

This is an interesting concept that moves beyond the argument as to whether or not vampires even exist(ed). There is a larger, more in-depth history that backs the belief in and fear of vampires; anthropologists and archaeologists hold a role in such discussion because they are the ones attempting to understand the social diversity and culture change between earlier centuries and modern day.