The Archeology of The Cold War


For decades, it was believed that archeologists studied only things from the distant past. However, recently they have been looking at the more recent past, such as the remnants of the Cold War in several European countries. Archeologist Dawid Kobialka went to survey and explore Soviet ruins in Poland from the Cold War. The ruins that were explored were a secret nuclear plant, where the Russians stored their nucleaur weapons and would have launched them from, and the second is where the people who worked underground lived. The peoples daily lives can be examined based on the things and structures they left there. Archeology can tell us about the way people were thinking and acting in the past. The Cold War especially, as  Kobialka says, has “military installations, nuclear bunkers, spy equipment, and a trail of documentation, the Cold War left behind a massive material legacy in many countries that is fascinating to study for its physical and human dimensions.” It is important to study the things that happened in the past, and the things that were left behind from the past, in order to better understand how humans think and act in the modern world.