Sochi Olympics

In his article, The Sochi Winter Olympics and the truth about the Russian Self, Dennis Zuev questions if the Sochi Olympic Games successfully achieved the sense of unity that the Russians sought after. Western media quickly tried to find faults with the Olympics and Russia. The evacuation of tenants to make room for the Olympics was allegedly mismanaged. Some criticisms include overspending and disrespect toward homosexuals. NBC chose not to live-stream the Olympics in case of broadcast problems, and as a result, many Russians complained about NBC leaving out parts of the opening ceremony and felt it really took away from the message being conveyed. The opening ceremony was dedicated to the formation of New Russia and the performance by the Russian duo t.A.T.u might have taken away from this. Overall, Russia’s hosting of the Olympics was rather unsuccessful.

Russia obviously did not realize its failures the West pointed out in hosting the Olympics and to them, they still might not seem like failures. Past Olympics might have seemed like failures to Russia that were not seen as failures to those hosts. It is not easy to please the whole world, and Russia thought they were doing right all along. Things like NBC leaving parts out not only seem disrespectful to their cultures but also seem like they are taking something away. Although Russia was upset with how NBC was displaying their work , there is really nothing they can do though because it is an American TV station and they have the right to not show things that may seem inappropriate or unworthy that seem very important to Russia. This relates to Hurricane Katrina in that, although it was not a natural disaster, the United States could have helped more with funding to ease the construction of the Olympics. For instance, they could have set up more services to rescue stray dogs that were being put down.