New Uses for Amazon Reviews

A new line of pens introduced last August designed specifically for women garnered many positive reviews on Amazon. However, a lot of people, mainly men, poked fun at the fact that it is a pen made only for women. One reviewer stated after using the product, “If you’re a man, which I used to be, avoid using the Bic Crystal For Her Ball”. Celia Emmelhainz says  in her article, The Internet for Her: Amazon Reviews as a Comedic Genre, that these people have obviously never used these products but are instead “reacting to an idea”.

Celia points out another odd product that also gathered many sarcastic reviews on Amazon which is a banana slicer, which does just as it sounds. Other products that attracted many comedic reviews include a laptop desk that attaches to your steering wheel, a t-shirt with three wolves and a moon on it that reviewers said attracted women, a book titled How to Avoid Huge Ships, Unicorn Meat (which just has a stuffed unicorn inside), and many more.

Although not all of these products are intended to be humorous, there are people who spend time making these comments to get people reviewing their products to laugh and their friends to laugh by posting them on social media. The Amazon review section is really for people to base their buying decision on other people’s experiences with that product, but people are starting to see comedic opportunities to satirize some of these products. Similar to hashtags, these Amazon reviews provide a unique way for people to express their creative ideas globally.