Don’t Look Now, Climate Change is Coming!

The ever-increasing intensity of global warming continues to alarm scientists and those who believe in the existence of climate change. The threat of a potentially unstoppable “positive-feedback loop,” that will certainly lead to rising sea levels and dangerous methane release, has led anthropologists to question whether we are prepared for such a catastrophic event.

It is impossible to fully predict the immediate results of climate change’s full wrath. All we know is that frequent, massive instances of human migration will occur due to flooding, rising oceans and the increased frequency of natural disasters. In addition to this, humans will have more contact with pathogens and other diseases due to drastic environmental change. These unfamiliar conditions and dire circumstances will surely have an emotional burden on people, especially since these migrations will lead to population tensions due to lack of space/resources. Unfortunately, this emotional burden and stress is likely to be a life-long experience considering the fact that people are likely to lose their sense of security knowing that the world, as they know it, has been forever altered.

As Anthropologists continue to study current human responses to climate change, they continue to uncover evidence that its progression can possibly alter the cultures of all those involved. Culture is not an inward identification, it is manifested outwardly and with all those in contact. According to Cultural and Medical Anthropologist Merrill Singer, whenever an external force limits/prevents a certain aspect of cultural expression, the victim often experiences “profound loss and alienation.” Coupled with the effects of climate change, this a devastating revelation.

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