Marijuana in the Media

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Recently the United States has seen a dramatic shift in the use of marijuana. Marijuana is used most commonly as a recreational drug and has been for decades now, however its appearance in the media has sky rocketed.  Compared to the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s the prevalence of marijuana in the media has grown exponentially. This growth has led to a wider social acceptance of the use of marijuana by the youth culture due to their constant exposure to pop culture and the newest movies/TV shows that incorporate marijuana into their story lines. pineappleThe youth population is the most easily influenced and persuaded as they are in their prime, looking up to others to guide them. Youth typically tend to look up to their role models which are most often athletes. Recently however, role models of many have been caught with and/or using marijuana. But what is the problem with these movies and TV shows that the youth population is being exposed to? Youth may wonder, “Why is it wrong for me to use marijuana when Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps uses it?” The problem is simple: the RECREATIONAL use of marijuana is glorified. This glorification includes all the money, fancy cars, and ‘good times’ that supposedly come with the distribution and/or use of marijuana.

michaelHow do the different laws/penalties involving marijuana influence society’s use of it?

Cambodia-> criminalization of marijuana in 1996

Indonesia-> possession: up to 10 years in prison trafficking: punishable by death

Malaysia-> trafficking: death penalty

Can a universal (worldwide) decision eventually be made with the advances in technology regarding the ongoing debate on the legalization of marijuana?

How can the United States use the media in a more effective way to glorify the MEDICINAL uses of marijuana rather than the RECREATIONAL uses of it?