Anthropology and its usage

Anthropology is important in the world because it is the study of people. You need to study how people think and understand society in order to communicate with people. Anthropology can help people in any field or job that they want to go into, it can also help give people jobs in the anthropology field as well.

I read 2 parts of an article titled Internships and Practica: Teaching Tools for an Engaged Anthropology by Keri Vacanti Brondo and Linda A Bennett on the Anthropology news website. Brondo and Bennett wrote about graduate school programs at many different universities to show students that anthropology does have a lot of different options after graduation. The article discuses programs at multiple universities but also states “Internships and practica are primary resources for training students for practicing careers.  They allow students to sample a career before completing their educational training, and are increasingly important in undergraduate and graduate academic experiences. … Alex Orona, President of the National Association of Student Anthropologists,” introduced Internships and practica at the “2013 AAA Career Expo brunch.” The programs at different universities is a great opportunity as well because it also provides learning at different internships which helps resumes grow.

Even though people want to connect anthropology to other fields being and anthropologist or a professor of anthropology can help engage students or the world into the field. It can be a basis for many carreers and you can also do dual degree graduate programs as well.